Alchemy, fusils, swords, and clockwork armor! Long reign the Queen! - 2d6-based gundam steampunk setting and rules.
Spirits left to wander far grow monstrous fair and old.
Subvert the crushing power of Govcorp and the magitech industrial complex. Androids, trolls, unliving, and humans unite!
Bronze axes and minimal sorcery in New Kingdom Egypt.
A d6-based oracle and rules for use in solo or collaborative roleplaying.
Survivors forget ideologies post-apocalypse. 24XX-based.
Gunrunners, rumrunners, flappers and jazz - the age of Prohibition and excess.
Lasers & Feelings for bloodsuckers.
Dwindling vigor can be sustained only by looting remnants of lost grandeur.
A game about active and passive energies and (sometimes) people in burlap robes with laser swords.
A 2d6-based pharaonic Ancient Egypt tomb raiding game.
How to resolve a clash of goon squads with three six-sided dice.
You are what happens in the royal city after dark. Based on The Hermit.
PbtA roleplaying game - World of Dungeons ♡ ♡ ♡ Barbarians of Lemuria
Eldritch metal madness rpg.
After arson, a revenant rises. Do you defeat it or assist it?
A brief adventure module for Goons of the Tombs.
System-agnostic Halloween themed adventure module usable with Sweet Riffs and Power Chords.
2d10 roll-over ttrpg with bucketed skills progression.
A 2d6-roll-under Bronze-Agey roleplaying game. Strength, Guile, Luck, Standing, and Skills: SGLS-S or "Sigils."
coin-powered apocalypse in Ancient Greece.

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2400, 24XX