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What could be simpler than a yes-or-no flip of a coin? The core mechanic here is Save-or-Suffer. Anything you attempt is assumed to work eventually, unless a target of your action Saves by flipping its Chance coin (and possibly a Stat Coin). Inanimate objects don't have Chance coins. Some Special coins let you do things faster or better (e.g., the "threaten a fatal injury" option is quicker and better than the default "inflict harm" in combat; "bypass a mechanical obstacle" goes quicker than "try to pick the lock / disarm the trap.").


FLLN - a post-post-post-post...apocalyptic sci-fi-phantasy swords-and-blasters ruincrawl.

GNRC - the kind of dungeon fantasy that we all know. Essentially minor tweaks to 1-bit-dungn.

HSHD - not sure what this is, but Ushers are soft and dangerous people and Minstrels can really raise your spirits. Has a full explanation of what happens when somebody "threatens a death blow."

WYRD - a ruined world where magic takes a toll and mind-work is a given.

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