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Spirits left to wander far grow monstrous fair and old.

Ghostbusters, X-Files, the Cthulhu Mythos, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, the Book of Coming Forth by Dayand all the folktales of powerful ancestral spirits who bargain with mortals, are some inspirations for this roleplaying game of modern necromancy and fey incursions.

When you die, your spirit may wander and grow. Spirits that wander too far grow monstrous and become Old Ones, Fair Folk, whimsically malicious or benign.

Funerary rites bind spirits. Graveyard arcanists hack the bindings to animate objects, occultists offer ghosts release for service. Cemeterians deter such depredations, but can be bribed. Clergy press the Fair Ones back from our reality with sacred words and icons.

Most people don’t believe all this. But your characters instigate and/or investigate occult events, from curiosity, as a side hustle, or even as their real job.

Using Jason Tocci's 2400 mechanics to tell a completely different type of story, this game focuses not on the triumph of science but on eldritch horrors that lurk and writhe in technologically advanced societies. Your characters bravely face the unthinkable, sometimes subdue it, occasionally make foolish bargains, and will try to forget the moments they spent with

the Fair Ones.

Game includes:

  • Discord server access.
  • Rolling different size dice for degrees of failure or success.
  • Character specialties, skills, gear, demeanor, effects.
  • Animate objects.
  • Servant spirits.
  • Contacts, purposes, locations, ambiances ...
  • ... targets.
  • Fey traits, powers, affects, and auras.
  • An explanation of the premise.

All in three pages plus pretty cover.

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GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsAction-Adventure, Action RPG, Dice, Fairy Tale, Horror, undead


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