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LISTENING to a VANISHED GOD is a 60 page pdf about exactly that.

Your reavers live and strive in a fairy-tale land of disrupted power structures. Six generations ago, the four-armed god emperor Mag disappeared, producing tumult among the populace of its eponymous domain. Two kings and a queen are trying to establish supremacy and a rule of law in place of the vanished god's whims.

The kings and queen dislike paladins like your reavers, because they are remnants of the disrupted society, reminders of what many call a golden age in which the vanished Mag roamed the land, settled disputes, enforced hospitality, and ate wrongdoers. Reavers can hear the Voice of Mag, and from its whispers they can bind spells that afflict them or those near them with arcane marks. Reavers are feared and respected.

You determine what purpose your reaver seek and serve with all this unregulated, unsafe power.

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I want this to be accessible for anyone. If you can afford the price, download a copy here!

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