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This game is set in the Chalcolithic period, when copper (khalkos) began to be used alongside flint and chert for making tools.

It was a period of transition, from nomadism, rural village agriculture, and oral tradition toward the first urbanisms and writings. It was a period of artisans, laborers, warriors, and shamans. Religion distinct from propitiating spirits may have begun in this time.

It was a period when monsters were very real, whether they were embodied by the neighboring tribes or by wild beasts … or by other things. Trolls stalk the hills and forests; famine and pestilence lurk and spring. 

This game uses only six-sided dice ("D").

In this game, you play a person who has two resources: a Soul and some Sinew. For each of these resources, roll 2D.

Your person also has two skills. One may be Shaman or Warrior, or something similarly broad. The other must be more specific.

- 2 pages - building from the opposed dice pools engine of Vampires & Claymores by TorTheVic (itch.io).


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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